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Downloading and using this software means that you agree with the "warranty disclaimer and copyright notice" Click here
  • Download :
    The software use dynamic web pages (PHP or ASP), this is needed because the graphics data will be stored on the server side (or web hosting side)
    So before you download, make sure that your web server (or web hosting) is able to execute dynamic scripting pages.

    if your web hosting use PHP :        click here to download
    else if your web hosting use ASP : click here to download
  • Package description and Install instructions:
    Unzip the pakage, then you will find 3 files and 2 directories
    The files are : "dessin.jar", "lecture.jar" and "dessin.php" (or "dessin.asp" if you are using asp scrpits)
    The directories are "graphics" and "images"
    • dessin.jar : is the applet for editing,drawing and save the graphics you draw
    • lecture.jar : is the applet for reading mode graphics data
    • dessin.php or dessin.asp : is the file used to store, read and transmit the graphics data from your web hosting to the applet.
    you must edit this file with a text editor (like notepad), then you should modify variables parameters when it's needed (explanations are shown for each variable).
    • graphics : is a directory and it's used to store the graphics data. You must enable this directory for reading and writing mode (chmod 777 on Unix OS)
    • images : is a directory and it's used to store the images (graphics that has been converted to jpeg images). You must enable this directory for reading and writing mode (chmod 777 on Unix OS)

    Once these done, the applet drawing page is shown on the navigator by typing :
    http://your-site/the_applet_directory/dessin.php     (or dessin.asp)
  • User manual :
    The applet drawing feature is like others drawing software

        Tool Bar on the top (from left to the right):
    • Selection mode objects: with this mode, once the object is selected (object limits is in red brightness) you can move or delete it. Selection of a group of objects is also possible, in this case select the desired zone with the left mouse button.
    Short cut keyboard: in the selection mode, it is sometimes more precise to move the objects with the keyboard, you have the keys "high", "low", "right", "left" which make it possible to move the selected object. You can also remove an object with the key "Delete".
    • Line: there are 2 modes: simple line and multiple-lines. For a simple line, maintain the left button mouse, move the mouse until the wished position, then realease. To carry out several lines connected between them: click once on the left button mouse , move the mouse towards another point, click once again on the mouse, the line is then drawn, continue so on. To finish this mode, click on the right mouse button. Caution: this last mode makes possible to draw only horizontal or vertical lines.
    • Free hand tool : for drawing object on the fly
    • Arc: allows to draw half-circles
    • Text: add text in your graph, you can choose the style, the size, and the color. Text can also be a link. You can place the same text in several places. when you click with the right button mouse, the text disappear.
    • Rectangle, oval, triangle: for drawing various geometrical forms on your graph. Maintain the left button mouse, move the mouse to desired position then realise.
    • Pin: allows to place a termination, each click of the left button mouse, a new pine is placed. To cancel the placement click on the right mouse button. • Trash: erase one or more objects, the object must be selected first with the selection tool.
    • Color selection : You should click on the desired color first when you draw an object, black is the default color.

        Graphics editing (bottom of the applet): you can edit and modify the previews saved graphics, once modification made, click on save. For a new graphic, swich the select on the "new" position before saving

        Convert to image (bottom of the viwing mode applet): with this utility you can convert the graphics to a jpeg image and stored in the "images" directory (note that this feature is applied only if the Java VM is > 1.2).
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